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-- Version 0.1.1 (2019-05-12) --

* Add missing implementation of Pathie::version().
* Use proper file layout for the headers in the Git repository.
  - Ticket #2 by Quintus
  - PR #16 by TryExceptElse
  - This change does not affect programmes written against the
    stable release of Pathie. It only affects programmes that
    use Pathie from the Git repository, because the release
    tarballs have always been packaged in such a way that the
    headers reside under a separate pathie/ directory. These
    programmes need to be updated to the new include path.
* Deprecate direct use of headers under include/
  - PR #16 by TryExceptElse
  - Note: Programmes written against direct use of the include/
    directory continue to work for now. Shallow "glue" headers
    have been added to include the real headers. These deprecated
    headers however are going to be removed with the next minor
* Add experimental MacOS support
  - PR #11 by XapaJIaMnu
* Fix Path() constructor falsely "sanitising" Windows UNC (network)
  paths by replacing the leading double backslash.
  - Ticket #14 by frankseide
* Fix entry_operator++ being recursive
  - Ticket #15 by oktonion
* Fix some compiler warnings
  - PR #13 by TryExceptElse
* Fix compilation on MSVC failing due to missing F_OK macro
  - PR #9 by aarcangeli
* Fix mode loss problem on MinGW
  - PR #8 by Bihlerben
* Fix MinGW compilation error due to undeclared identifiers
  - PR #6 by Bihlerben
* Fix compilation error with entry_iterator.cpp on UNIX
  - PR #4 by progsource
* Improve documentation
  - PR #1 by jibsen
  - PR #3 by progsource

-- Version 0.1.0 (2017-10-28) --

* Add Pathie::Tempdir and Pathie::Tempfile classes for
  creating temporary directories and files.
* Add Pathie::entry_iterator, Path::begin_entries(), and
  Path::end_entries(). These allow you to use real C++
  iterators for working with directory entries.
* Change Path::find() to take a callback instead of std::function to
  make it compile under C++98.
* Add Path::operator/=.
* Add `const' qualifier to Path::fopen() and Path::touch() as these
  methods leave the path itself unchanged.
* Add C++98 compatibility (instead of just C++11).
* Mark stream replacements as experimental. They are mostly untested
  and I don't really use them.
* Add PATHIE_BUILD_STREAM_REPLACEMENTS for building the stream
* Rename build option ASSUME_UTF8_ON_UNIX to
* Switch license from GPL3 to BSD-2clause.
* Drop support for expanding "~username/foo" constructs. This
  nonstandard extension was unportable and caused problems when
  linking Pathie statically.
* Add Path::utf8_str() method.
* Restructure header #include order. Pathie now requires you
  to specify the exact header to include (e.g. <pathie/path.hpp>)
  instead of one global header. There was no point in having the
  stream replacements included if not required.
* Fix compilation problem with _PATHIE_UNIX not being defined
* Do not include <windows.h> in Pathie public headers. This caused
  problems in some circumstances when a certain macro combination
  of windows.h was needed.
* Remove config.hpp. This caused confusion when the library was used.
  Build configuration now only happens via comandline options.
* Drop shaky support for NTFS symlinks. It never worked really well

-- Version 0.0.3 (2015-04-30) --

* Don't use CMake's global configuration variables, allowing pathie to
  be built as a subproject.
* Fix compilation error on systems that do not automatically
  #include <stdexcept>.

-- Version 0.0.2 (2015-02-16) --

* Fix installation error on config.hpp
* Add message that C++11 is required for compilation

-- Version 0.0.1 (2015-02-13) --

First public release.