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Just a quick note to some people who've provided help, suggestions,
bug-fixes, etc. along the way...

Nick Lott: (And others)
  Hints about making it work with C++

Philipp Stefan Neininger:
  Minor bug in the Makefile to do with cross compiling

Chris McSweeny
  Hints and tips about the use of arithmetic in gettimeofday()
    inside the dealyMicrosecondsHard() function.
  And spotting a couple of schoolboy errors in the (experimental)
  softServo code, prompting me to completely re-write it.

Armin (Via projects website)
  Some pointers about the i2c-dev.h files.

Arno Wagner
  Suggestions for the mmap calls in wiringPiSetup()

CHARLES Thibaut:
  A small issue in softTone

Xian Stannard
  Fixing some typos in the man page!

Andre Crone
  Suggested the __WIRING_PI.H__ round wiringPi.h

Rik Teerling
  Pointing out some silly mistooks in the I2C code...